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This is the internet location of a new venture to develop an Open Source Sustainability Projects organisation. Launched to the public on the 19th of September 2010 at the Randwick Eco Living Fair, in Sydney, Australia’s, Eastern Suburbs. Despite it’s local beginnings we hope this will become an international endeavor.

Please visit our Projects Site

Are you looking for LaSource.com.au, the Green Collection, La Source Design Services or La Source Australia ? Then please click on the image below. This website is for La Source Projects – Isabelle’s inspiration and home of future Art retreats. LaSource.com.au is Isabelle’s website and shop.

LaSource Green Collection website
For sustainable gifts

LaSource Green Collection


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  1. Hi LaSource,
    I noticed your remarks about roof mounted EV solar hot water systems on the ATA discussion group. I want one of these but was waiting for them to become more common pace in Oz. Seems like that may not have hapened. Can you throw any light on this and/or suppliers? Thanks Bill

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