What do we believe ?

  • Sustainability is an essential means by which to protect the wonderful natural and human assets we share on planet earth.
  • Sustainability is a path to reducing unwanted side effects, improving efficiency and gaining more benefits.
  • Only sustainable systems have an opportunity to be around for the long term.
  • The development of Sustainable practices will drive change, controlled growth and financial wealth.
    • Everyone of us can make a difference large or small simply by becoming aware of the issues and making changes.

    What do we hope to achieve ?

    We want to build a hub around which people and organisations wishing to develop sustainable practices can build online projects to reach their objectives. By placing these projects online we hope to involve anyone who is interested to participate and build a resource that remains open and free for everyone to use.

Anyone can use the products of each Project and implement them in their own neighborhoods, all we ask is for you to share what you learned and any changes you had to make. Of course sometimes a project will use a product or method that may have it’s own patent or copy-write conditions that you must still respect, however most of what you will see you can use.


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